We balance working hard and delivering excellence for our clients with wellbeing, sustainability and quality. 

We are all highly qualified and experienced professionals, that excel in the engineering project management field. 

We want to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to help them achieve their goals. 


We love our planet and want to help create a better place for future generations; for us this is not just a job, but a passion.


We believe that our jobs should improve mental health and wellbeing through a sense of fulfillment; we try to do less but better, so we can be proud of it. And we look after each other, like friends do.

'We have come together in this venture to do business according to a precise set of values which we are keen to promote at every turn.' Marco Garfagnoli, Director 

'Blue Compass has given me the opportunity to shape the definition, capacity and capability for the future of Strategic Planning for Flood and Coastal Risk Management' Steve Thompsett, Chief Advisor

'Blue Compass allows me to work at the highest level, while maximising flexibility. This means I can focus on delivering excellence to my clients while maintaining a good life balance.' Sophie Lee, Senior Project Manager

'Our business values feed into everyday working life, improving both work and home life. I enjoy every day!' Gary Roberts, Associate