Our Services

With many years of experience and an excellent track record, we are delighted to be able to offer specialist advice in a number of areas where we believe we can add value to Clients' organisations and their stakeholders.
Commercial advice

The growing need for ever more complex procurement arrangements and the resulting 'contractualisation' of client-supplier relationships require increased knowledge and expertise in contract and project management to ensure both clients and suppliers are safeguarded and can achieve their respective objectives.

We can help both clients and supplier by aligning their incentives and by facilitating a collaborative relationship through a fair contract management approach underpinned by strong expertise in the industry.

Financial advice

Doing a great job for your clients and stakeholders is not enough - it also needs to be done in a financially viable and tax efficient way.

We can help businesses, charities and public sector organisations design Business Plans tailored to their objectives, supporting them throughout the implementation process so that every activity is optimised to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Resource management

With the ever growing financial pressure on both public and private finances it is ever more important to make sure resources are managed in an optimised way. This very rarely means overloading staff with unreasonable quantities of work.

We have developed innovative systems where we can design bespoke arrangements to maximise resource management efficiencies and staff performance without compromising on the quality of work delivered.

Bidding and training

When you are doing a great job you want your clients to fully appreciate that. We can help harnessing the great knowledge and experience your business has developed and tell your clients what a great deal they will get by bringing you on board!

We also help businesses and public sector clients train their staff so they can better look after their organisation and draw a greater sense of fulfillment from their jobs.

Technical advice

If the technical products delivered are of poor quality, your organisation will be exposed to risks and clients will not entrust you with helping them solve their issues. 

We provide ad-hoc technical advice in the Engineering and Environmental Sectors within the Infrastructure industry. We only employ senior professionals with a strong track record so to give out clients the peace of mind of being in good hands.