Financial advice
We help businesses make the most of their hard work
Non Executive Director
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) perform a key role within the Infrastructure Sector driving innovation, offering bespoke high quality services locally to their clients and revitalising local communities.
The Government has pledged to spend £1 in every £3 on SMEs by 2022. However, current procurement strategies tend to favour large organisations, leaving SMEs exposed to the unfavourable commercial arrangements of a Tier 2 or 3 supplier.
We offer our financial acumen and expertise, gained over many years of running successful businesses, to help organisations enhance their financial performance with particular attention to key metrics such as Gross and Net Profits, Working Capital, Gearing, Funding Structure etc.
Profit & Loss Account Optimisation
In an industry where good profits are measured in single digit percentage points, the difference between a properly run P&L Account and a poorly managed one is enough to turn a potentially sound business into a failed one.
We specialise in advising businesses on how to improve profitability while ensuring fulfillment of goals and aspirations so that there is a lot to show for the hard work, great values and ideas many businesses possess.
Business Planning
A Business Plan should not be a self-imposed constraint on a manager's ability to fulfill their aspirations but a tool which can free up the full potential of ideas and disruptive innovation businesses have.
As with everything, it is much harder to fulfill aspirations without a proper plan in place. This is even more the case for Business Planning as that is where all the constituent parts of a business come together in what should be a holistic, whole-encompassing product delivering value for Clients, Employees and Shareholders.
We are ideally placed to support businesses such as SMEs and Charities with the development of an innovative Business Plan tailored to specific needs and aspirations . We achieve this by assessing the opportunities and constraints offered by a number of factors such as market conditions, portfolio of clients, exposure to risk, business funding structure and the business' ultimate purpose for existence.