Bidding and training
We help businesses put the pieces of the jigsaw together
Bid Strategy and writing
In an industry where Clients must continuously demonstrate value for money from their suppliers, procurement exercises have become increasingly frequent and complex in an attempt to assess the future real costs of employing a supplier and select those who can provide added value through offering a new approach to Sustainability, EDI, Ethical behaviours etc.
We have gained significant experience developing  compelling tenders for the delivery of professional services in the Infrastructure Sector and so are well placed to provide advice and support to suppliers in ensuring their quality offering exceeds Clients' expectations.
We can additionally advise clients about the best way to design procurement processes in order to maximise value while delivering on Clients' objectives and aspirations. In our experience, the key is to identify ways to align Client and Supplier incentives so that a truly collaborative working environment can be forged.
Bid commercial models
The design of a suitable commercial model is an essential part of producing a winning bid. Its challenges are determined by the difficulty to assess commercial risks to the supplier, as well as calculating the financial rewards over the course of the contract.
A hard-nosed approach solely driven by financial and commercial considerations usually leads to a No-bid or a lost one as the lack of appreciation of client specificity and the technical nature of the products to be delivered prevent a more daring, innovative approach. This will often happen in situations where a supplier possesses both commercial/financial as well as client/technical understanding and knowledge held in separate places. This failure to combine knowledge does not allow the delivery of the tender to be optimised. 
We offer multi-year experience gained through advising and producing many successful tenders to support both clients and suppliers to identify innovative approaches where true value can be realised.
Commercial, financial and management training for staff
The most valuable asset a business possesses is its staff members as they are the ones delivering the innovation and the ideas clients need. In a fast evolving industry such as Infrastructure, however, which continuously strives to increase productivity, innovation does not come naturally, but is the reward of hard work and training.
It has been proven beyond doubt that training is a worthwhile investment, increasing staff performance and job satisfaction. 
We have drawn on our experience to design tailored training for professionals to improve commercial, financial and management skills. That is why we can offer a non-academic approach that finds immediate benefit in its practical applications 'on the job'.