We offer the following professional services within the infrastructure engineering, design and construction sector;

Project Planning

Primavera trained planners, who develop and then lead project schedules

We offer Primavera (and Microsoft Project) trained Senior Planners. Our planners are not just data processors, they are technically trained to build baseline schedules and then manage them throughout the different project phases. Our planners not only meet clients needs, they provide a service that allows large and complex projects to be delivered to time, incorporating change management, variation management and development of scenario plans to achieve this. 

Our planners deliver the following:

  • Build and develop baseline schedules - for both sales & project delivery

  • Proactively manage and lead the schedule - updating the schedule, understanding delays & impacts, mitigating delays to critical paths

  • Implement contractual requirements - change management, client requirements etc. 

  • Develop other planners/planning teams and mentor junior planners

Our planners have experience on projects ranging from £500k - £750m. Our planners also have experience in mentoring and teaching junior staff (including development of planning rules/policies) to assist your business. 

Bid/Tendering Advisory Services 

Experienced and successful bid leads, with the knowledge on how to successfully tender  

In an industry where Clients must continuously demonstrate value for money from their suppliers, procurement exercises have become increasingly frequent and complex in an attempt to assess the future real costs of employing a supplier and select those who can provide added value through offering a new approach to Sustainability, EDI, Ethical behaviours etc.
We offer services to clients, assisting them with developing procurement methods and processes to allow them to successfully and efficiently procure the services that they want. We advise clients about the best way to design procurement processes in order to maximise value while delivering on Clients' objectives and aspirations. In our experience, the key is to identify ways to align Client and Supplier incentives so that a truly collaborative working environment can be forged.
We also offer bid writing services for suppliers. We have gained significant experience developing compelling tenders for the delivery of professional services in the Infrastructure Sector and so are well placed to provide advice and support to suppliers in ensuring their quality offering exceeds Clients' expectations. 

Business Development

Business development, including relationship building and  margin expansion 

We offer business development services; we can come and help you to develop your business and frameworks to increase profit, margin and sales. We have a proven track record of successfully growing and delivering large frameworks and projects within the infrastructure sector.  

Non-Executive Directors

Expert business managers and leaders, at a Senior Level

We offer our financial acumen and expertise, gained over many years of running successful businesses, to help organisations enhance their financial performance with particular attention to key metrics such as Gross and Net Profits, Working Capital, Gearing, Funding Structure etc.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) perform a key role within the Infrastructure Sector driving innovation, offering bespoke high quality services locally to their clients and revitalising local communities.
The Government has pledged to spend £1 in every £3 on SMEs by 2022. However, current procurement strategies tend to favour large organisations, leaving SMEs exposed to the unfavourable commercial arrangements of a Tier 2 or 3 supplier.

Risk Management

Proactive risk and issue management

We have the technical and management skills to understand and highlight the risks that projects in our field are subjected too, including Technical, Commercial/Contractual, Construction, H&S, Environmental, Archaeological, Geotechnical, Schedule etc. This makes us well placed to support you and lead your risk management on projects and programmes. 

We offer the following risk management services; 

  • Development of risk registers/logs

  • Leading Risk Workshops

  • Ongoing management of risk

  • Programme and Project level risk management 

  • Use of specialist software for complex projects

  • Proactive issue management once risks realised

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