We offer the following technical services within the infrastructure engineering, design and construction sector;

Technical Advisory Services

Technical Experts and Industry leading advisors

We offer senior and industry leading technical advisors. For example, we are currently supporting the Environment Agency and it’s regulatory and policy partners; including defra and Ofwat; to shape the definition, capacity and capability for the future of Strategic Planning for Flood and Coastal Risk Management, whilst exploring opportunities for greater integration on water issues at the catchment scale. We arealso supporting the growth of the Strategic Planning team, advising on a wide range of technical and management issues towards the next 5 year plan.

Our Senior Advisors have experience in the UK Water and Energy markets. 

Water and Environment Engineering

Chartered, experienced water engineers

We offer chartered engineers in the water industry, to assist you with with a variety of different advisory roles. We currently work with the Environment Agency and other water companies, providing them with technical advise on flood risk management plans, project delivery, construction delivery, value engineering (identifying the best solutions for problems), risk identification and management, ground investigation, contract specification preparation, general technical advise on projects and proposed solutions. 


Our engineers are:

  • Experienced and experts in their fields

  • Chartered with appropriate institutions

  • Proactive and eager to provide the best solutions

Energy Engineering

Chartered experienced Energy Engineers

We offer chartered engineers and technical advisors within the Energy industry. Our experience spans oil and gas, nuclear new build, electrical transmission and renewables. 

Flood Risk Engineering

Senior Flood Risk Engineers

We have spent a significant part of our professional careers working with clients on the delivery of Civil Engineering schemes with the aim of protecting local communities from flooding. We work on schemes from the initial stages as part of the Partnership and Strategic Overview Team (where we develop business cases and funding models) to the design and delivery stage as Project Managers and Construction specialists. 
We have a huge amount of knowledge available to us, sharing best 
practices within our team to make sure that our clients and the 
communities are getting the best solutions. 

Environmental Services

Chartered environmentalists who are passionate about project delivery and the environment

Our team has gained a vast amount of experience supporting Private Developers and Regulatory Stakeholders including providing advice on Environmental Legislation, Permitting and Consenting to mitigate the risks of delays and ensure full compliance with the latest legislation and Environmental Impact Assessments. . We also deliver bespoke Flood Risk Assessments, carry out Due Diligence for property transactions and support the review process of Planning Application on behalf of Local Authorities.
Potential show-stoppers are what keeps a Project Manager awake at night when they are trying to deliver a fast-track programme. Typical examples of what are often classed as 'unforeseen circumstances' include a planning application being delayed or rejected because the latest change in environmental legislation has not been taken into account. Our Environmental advisors will work with you to avoid and mitigate environmental issues. 

Site Supervision

Chartered and experienced site supervisors and advisors

We offer buildability and construction specialists. We have experience on site from many different infrastructure industries, including Dam Building, M&E refurbishment and new builds, water projects, electrical & nuclear construction, etc. We have significant technical knowledge about
engineering construction, CDM regulations & HSE requirements, costing solutions, all training (CSCS cards
SSSTS etc.), buildability of options, Risk Assessment and Method Statement reviews etc. 

Funding and Business case Advisory Services

Funding and business case advisors

Our team understand that funding projects can be difficult; we are trying to make this easier by identifying partners and collaborators at an early stage in the project appraisal process. We are also used to writing funding bids and business cases for a range of project sizes and complexities. For example, we are used to developing business cases and funding applications for Grant in Aid funding, allowing for maximisation of public funding contribution to the overall cost of a scheme.
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Fens Flood Risk Management Plan


Cranbrook/Counter Drain FRM Strategy

Gas Plant

Executive Director - UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG)

Electricity Station

National Grid FEED Contracts

Electricity Plugs

Nuclear New Build

Gas Burner

Subsea Oil and Gas Production Controls

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Senior Advisor UK Flood Risk Management

Gas Plant

Executive Director - UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG)


Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme


Keadby Terminal Project

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Fens Flood Risk Management Plan

dymchurch sea wall 2012.png

Dymchurch Coastal Protection

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Tilgate Dam Construction