Financial advice
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Client: Environment Agency

Staff:  Gary Roberts

Commission: Flood Risk Management for the Fens

Role: Technical Advisor

Details of services provided:  ‘Flood risk management for the Fens’ is a project that has been set up to plan the best way of managing future flood risk in the Great Ouse Fens area.  It will set out the preferred option for managing flood risk in the Fens, taking in to account climate change and sea level rise. 

It will recommend actions that will be the best/ most appropriate way of managing flood risk in the Fens over the next 15-100 years.  Recognising that the Flood risk management for the Fens project will take approximately 10-15 years to complete in the meantime we need to understand the maintenance and capital work needed across the area to continue to manage flood risk over the next two 6 year plan cycles. 


As part of my secondment to the Environment Agency I have collaborated closely with the various Flood Risk Management Authorities: Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards, LLFA's and Anglian Water Services ltd to develop an asset investment programme working this through the FCERM Appraisal and HM Treasury 5 Case Business Case guidelines. 


We have developed tactical plans for the various sub catchments within the Fens area to consider ALL FCRM assets, the programme of works required and the agreed amount of benefits (Outcome Measures) that can be claimed for each project.  This advice has led to a piece of work around benefit apportionment to address issues with double counting by individual projects. 


We now have a 15 year Strategic Outline Programme for Flood Risk Management within the Cambridgeshire Fenland area, which provides RMAs with certainty regarding investment needs and the prioritisation of the limited FDGIA funding allocations and identifies where additional partnership funding is required.