Resource management
A happy and diverse team is a performing team!
Design of bespoke resource tools
The optimal functioning of a business hinges around identifying suitable methodologies to manage resources, including achieving a high level of utilisations while fulfilling contractual obligations with clients and avoiding staff burn-out. This is further complicated by the ever changing needs facing a business, as well as the hyper-specialisation of resources thus reducing opportunities for reallocation across different disciplines.
As always, there isn't a 'silver bullet' that miraculously solves all problems. It is therefore important to understand which objectives an organisation requires a resource management approach to deliver.
For example, an organisation delivering emergency services would need a strong element of resilience embedded in their resource management approach. On the other hand, a consultancy delivering advisory services for a public sector client would need to have a Business Model commanding extremely high levels of utilisation which would in turn significantly reduce the level of resilience.
We have developed innovative methods to optimise resource management while allowing a high degree of flexibility and opportunities for staff to deliver win-win solutions for all stakeholders.
Enhance staff performance and promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
Many organisations make the mistake of considering resources merely in terms of numbers. It is unfortunately very tempting to simplify and ignore specific staff requirements for flexible arrangements and opportunities provided by fully embracing EDI values. The inevitable consequences of this are performance issues, stress and wellbeing challenges (resulting in increased absence from work) and, ultimately, poor staff retention.
All this makes it essential to have clearly set out objectives and expectations from the outset so that the Business Plan and Resource Management approach can be designed to achieve them. For example, recruitment of a diverse workforce can significantly contribute to enhancing team performance by adding the 'right' ingredients to the mix and performing an 'enabling' function within the business.
Provide resource flexibility
The implementation of a suitable resource management system will not completely absorb fluctuations in workload, such as those resulting from the initiation (or the completion) of a very large commission. We therefore recommend implementing an approach whereby a percentage of the workforce is employed on a flexible basis to provide a buffer absorbing peaks and troughs.
We can add resilience by offering resources on a flexible basis to supplement an organisation's permanent resource pool thus eliminating any risks associated with fluctuations in workload while providing senior staff who, thanks to their experience, can 'hit the ground running'.
Please look at the members of Our Team to see current availability of resources. If your requirements are different please let us know and we will do our best to help.