Tilgate Dam Construction.png

Client: Environment Agency

Staff: Peter Anidjar-Romain/Sophie Lee

Commission: Tilgate Dam Re-construction

Role: NEC ECC Project Manager

Details of services provided: Peter was appointed to manage the construction phase of the re-building and heightening of Tilgate Dam, in Crawley, as a key part of the Upper Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme. This was a technically complicated project, as the reservoir had to be drained for the duration of the works and inlet flows to the reservoir had to be managed during construction, taking into allowance possible flood events throughout the winter period. The dam is located within a popular council park, so there was careful management of the public throughout the project. Peter, using the NEC contract, encouraged collaborative working between the Client, Designer and Contractor to deliver the best possible result for all stakeholders.


  • Value Engineering solutions developed by the team meant that an on-site borrow area was used to significantly minimise vehicle movements to and from the site, reduce costs and allowed creation of a new wetland area

  • Successfully delivered the project within a community park area