Technical advice
There is no substitute for technical excellence
Engineering, Buildability, CDM & H&S Advice
Even a very well-managed business with sound commercial arrangements, an innovative Business Plan and a well-run resource pool is not worth much if it cannot deliver high quality technical products to its clients.
Our business employs experienced professionals in a number of technical disciplines within the Infrastructure Sector. We have nearly 100 years of cumulative experience in the design and construction of Civil Engineering schemes, assessing their feasibility, cost, buildability and risks. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest CDM regulations and, during our professional careers, have long been driving excellence in behavioural Health & Safety.
Once again it might be argued that it is not hard to deliver excellence in each of the above area. Where we can add value is helping our Clients deliver products that holistically include all of them at the same time.
Flood Risk and Treasury 5 Case Business Model Advice
We have spent a significant part of our professional careers working with clients on the delivery of Civil Engineering schemes with the aim of protecting local communities from the risk of flooding. We can therefore offer strong expertise in the delivery of Strategies, Feasibility Studies, Appraisal, Design, Construction, Supervision and Project Management of Flood Alleviation Schemes. 
We embrace a holistic approach to what is a multi-disciplinary challenge by employing our technical knowledge of Hydrology, Hydraulic Modelling, Civil, Geo-technical and Structural Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment, Funding and Economic Analysis to deliver multi-faceted solutions.
Over the past four years we have developed expertise in the preparation of Business Cases in accordance with the Treasury 5 Case Business Model - this is particularly useful when applying for Grant in Aid funding which allows for the maximisation of public funding contribution to the overall cost of a scheme.
Environmental Legislation, Consenting, Permitting and Due Diligence Advice
Potential show-stoppers are what keeps a Project Manager awake at night when they are trying to deliver a fast-track programme. Typical examples of what are often classed as 'unforeseen circumstances' include a planning application being delayed or rejected because the latest change in environmental legislation has not been taken into account.
Our team has gained a vast amount of experience supporting Private Developers and Regulatory Stakeholders providing advice on Environmental Legislation, Permitting and Consenting to mitigate the risks of delays and ensure full compliance with the latest legislation. We also deliver bespoke Flood Risk Assessments, carry out Due Diligence for property transactions and support the review process of Planning Application on behalf of Local Authorities.