Our Business

For a business, the future often looks like a misty landscape full of risks and unknowns, where everyone tries to make out familiar landmarks to get their bearing.

Our aim and aspiration is to help Clients define their visions and objectives in order to find the best way to achieve them.

We chose to call our business Blue Compass as most of us have a Water & Environment Sector background.

Our Services

We operate in the UK Infrastructure Sector offering advisory services which range from commercial and financial advice to resource management and technical support.

Our aim is to gain an in depth understanding of Clients' needs, subsequently placing at their disposal our knowledge and expertise in order to deliver on Clients' objectives and aspirations both holistically and collaboratively. 

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Our Team

We are a fast growing team of professionals brought together by our passion to make a difference in what we do.

We continually strive to promote these values in both our business and personal lives whilst helping Clients promote their own identified values.

Each member of our team is fully qualified and accredited to the relevant institution in their field of expertise with a strong reputation and track record in the industry.

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'Show not what has been done, but what can be' - Umberto Eco